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for the digital manufacturing


Discover the full potential of additive manufacturing and reshape your products.

At Atanor, we firmly believe in additive manufacturing not only as a prototyping technique, but as an authentic production method. Our mission is to make this technology accessible to all companies, turning 3D printing into a tangible manufacturing reality.

To guide our customers through this transformation, we offer complete solutions covering the entire production process. From the design analysis to the selection of the most suitable materials, through to the production of the finished product, we are at your side.

Are you looking for a specific solution to optimise your production? Would you like to improve the technical characteristics of your products? Do you want to implement 3D printing in your company? Atanor has the answer to all these needs.​

Our Services


3D CAD design, DfAM, and product re-engineering based on the non-exclusive use of additive technologies

R&D and Consulting 

Advisory service and guidance in choosing the right technology and material for the customer's purpose

3D Printing

3D printing and rapid prototyping service using FDM and DLP technology.

Single pieces or small series


Sales of professional 3D printers, additive manufacturing materials and 3D scanners for industry



Prototipi funzionale e piccoli lotti di produzione.

Anche di grandi dimensioni.


Materiali resistenti a corrosione chimica e adatti per l'uso marino


Gusci e housing su misura per schede elettroniche ESD proof.


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Stampa di modelli e prototipi per applicazioni bio-medicali.


Resine e stampanti DLP di grande precisione per applicazioni odontotecniche .


Stampa di pezzi unici su misura del cliente o mock up di prova per prototipazione


Riproduzioni artistiche e stampe multicolore con grande precisione dei dettagli


Modellini architettonici e riproduzioni in scala di edifici, monumenti, infrastrutture

How we can help you


Additive manufacturing involves design rules for making moulded parts. We at Atanor can rethink your components for additive manufacturing.

Optimisation of printing parameters

Every shape and every material has its own rules, and here at Atanor we fine-tune every parameter to ensure quality and repeatability in the printing process.

Guide to materials

Are you looking for the right material for your part or do you want to find materials with better properties than those you are using? We can help you find what you need.

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Visit our range of products specifically for additive manufacturing: technical filaments, photopolymer resins, 3D printers and professional adhesives.

Atanor SRL is the official Sharebot Point, from us you can buy the whole range of Sharebot printers and materials.

Ultimi Prodotti Visti


The latest news on materials and technology innovation in additive manufacturing.

        The projects in which we have participated


        Call PR FESR 2021-2027. Incentives to companies for collaborative industrial research and experimental development activities. Call for proposals DGR 2026/2021.​


        Project ASTRA

        plASma TReated mAterials for advanced manufacturing

        With the ASTRA project, Atanor Srl innovative start-up aims to develop and build an experimental plant for the thermal treatment of metal powders by plasma in order to improve the quality and homogeneity of materials used in high-tech applications such as 3D powder bed printing. The project includes the design, construction of the prototype plant, validation of the spheroidisation process, recycling of waste materials and utilisation by LPBF printing of the materials produced. The project will concretely implement environmental sustainability by recycling waste materials and improving the energy efficiency of the spheroidisation process compared to conventional melting and re-solidification methods.

        Eligible expenditure project euro 205,913.33 contribution granted euro 123,548.00 PAR resources.​

        The projects in which we have participated




        Project MAXCOAT

        Metal Matrix Composite Materials for Advanced Coatings

        The MAXCOAT project is dedicated to the creation of metal matrix composite (MMC) materials for advanced coatings, using cutting-edge technologies such as thermal spray and laser cladding. The main objective is to develop and optimize advanced MMC powders, significantly improving the wear resistance and homogeneity of the coatings.

        Through this project, it will be possible to test and apply the new materials in real industrial environments, with particular focus on the steel and metalworking sectors. These innovative coatings will offer significant advantages in terms of durability and performance, contributing to reduced energy consumption and environmental impact.

        MAXCOAT also aims to make production processes more sustainable, decreasing the frequency of component replacement and optimizing resource usage. The initiative represents a concrete response to the challenges of innovation in the field of industrial coatings, promoting advanced solutions for a more efficient and environmentally friendly future.

        Approved project expenditure: €86,318.40 Granted contribution: €60,422.88 from PAR resources

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        Need additional information about our products or services? Do you want to know if additive manufacturing could be right for you and meet your company's needs?

        Send an e-mail to info@atanor.tech and we will be happy to answer your questions.